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Thank you for your interest in Treasure Valley Midwives. This section of the website has been developed to help you learn about our background. Through the pages on this section of our website you will learn how we got started, meet the members of our team who will be caring for you during your pregnancy, and much more.

Treasure Valley Midwives Overview

Weighing babyOur practice consists of three Certified Nurse-Midwives, a rotation of midwifery students from a variety of programs and office staff who are dedicated to making the birth of each baby a safe and joyous occasion. We place trust in the process of birth and our care is based on the premise that birth is a normal, healthy event in a woman’s life.

We support families in making decisions about the birth of their baby that best meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and believe that a woman should be involved in making decisions regarding her health and wellbeing. Our Nurse-Midwives provide well-woman care beyond pregnancy and childbirth that follows the midwives model of care.

The midwives specialize in providing current and accurate information, guidance and recommendations to women and their families so that they may make good decision regarding their care. Effective communication, collaboration and teamwork based on mutual trust and respect form the foundation of our midwifery practice style.


Our History

New Baby

Humble Beginnings

Treasure Valley Midwives was born in 1995, the result of Paula’s passion for midwifery.  Each Thursday women would arrive at her house to drink tea and chat at the kitchen table before moving to the bedroom to have their babies checked.

It was the era before cell phones, which made getting in touch with the midwife a little more challenging.  Voice pagers were in vogue, and the midwives never knew when a client’s voice would drift from the little black box on their belt to announce that their water just broke and that they had bloody show.

Sometimes the timing was a little awkward and the whole line at the grocery store would also get to hear the message.  Calling Boise from Caldwell was a long-distance call and the midwives, active people who liked to be out and about, kept a good supply of quarters in their car and knew the location of every phone booth in the valley.  During these years, the priorities for the practice included providing excellent midwifery care, training more midwives, and developing strong collaborative relationships within the medical community.


Baby and mommy check upAs the number of clients grew, the practice also opened a clinic site in Boise. It was shared with a massage therapist and was located on Warm Springs Avenue in one of the buildings that made up the old orphanage. The days of voice pagers mercifully ended and we traveled all over SW Idaho to attend births.

In 2005, largely in response to clients who wanted an out-of-hospital birth but didn’t want a home birth, Treasure Valley Midwives opened the first birth center in Boise. The beautiful building had been the home of the Ysursa family in the early 1900s. Ben Ysursa, Idaho’s Secretary of State, attended our open house with his siblings and told us, “My grandmother was a wonderful woman, and she would love what you are doing in her home”. It was nice to have the blessing of the matriarch!

The birth center moved to its current location in 2008. It is located just a few blocks from St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center and was remodeled with our environment in mind. The maple floors were once the New Meadow’s Junior High School gym floor and we have geothermal heat and water. We have added breastfeeding support and primary care for women to our list of services and continue to attend both home and birth center births.

We are proud to provide excellent midwifery care, to have an excellent collaborative relationship with the medical community and to train the midwives of the future. Most of all, we remain passionate in our commitment to making the birth of each and every baby a safe and joyous occasion.

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